Quiet surroundings, beautiful turquoise water, untouched natural beauty...

Çıralı is located in a beautiful bay surrounded by pine forest with magnificent view of the water-rich mountains, in the midst of a nature reserve. Çıralı is far away from mass tourism, with its uncrowded beach some three kilometers long, plays host to nature lovers seeking peace and quiet.



Çıralı is the village, where you can not only enjoy the sun and sea, it offers numerous sightseeing options and attractions. From Olympos ancient city and the eternal Flame of Chiemare to Lycian Way and the experience with the sea turtles "Caretta Caretta", you can taste the delights of the village and its history. Our location in the heart of the idyllic village of Çıralı offers the perfect starting point for a varied and relaxing holiday.


Within 30 Minutes Walk

Olympos, one of the six main ancient Lycian cities, is in easy walking distance. You walk along a wonderful river passing pine, laurel and oleander trees and discover the remains of 2000 year old buildings.


Eternal Flame just 3 km

Chimaera 250m above sea level is an amazing natural wonder and a holy place. In Greek mythology described as a fire-spitting monster with the body of a goat, the head of a lion and the tail of a snake.


In the proximity

The historical Lycian Way is one of the most beautiful long-distance trails in the world. The connection of ancient paths covers a total of 509 km from Fethiye to Antalya. Already Alexander the Great used the way for his campaigns.


On the Beach, just a few steps away!

You can experience in May and June when the sea turtles lay down their eggs, in August/September the small turtles little by little hatch from the eggs and and head towards to the sea.


Worth Visiting

Daily boat tours from Çıralı enable you to set sail towards untouched virgin Mediterranean bays. You may explore other nearby Lycian cities, join safari tours or jump on a bicycle and make a journey of discovery.


Perfect Place to salute the sun!

A beautiful setting and the energy of a place can have a tremendous impact, which partly explains why Çıralı attracts so many yogis.The mountains call the courageous adventurers all the time.


Olympos: 1,5 km
Chimaera: 3 km
The famous old town of Antalya: 85 km
Phaselis: 17 km
Thermesos: 100 km
The ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos: 130 km
The sunken city of Kekova, Myra 60 km